Wednesday, May 25, 2011

reflecting on referral day

Saturday was the three year anniversary of Hannah's adoption referral. THREE YEARS. Wow. Seems like yesterday. I was sitting right where I am now... up way too late (like I am right now), checking my email over, and over, and over looking for any news from our adoption agency (like I am right now). I told Kevin that I was giving up and going to bed, but checking my email one more time... and there it was. THE Hallelujah!!!! email. Life changed when we found this message in my in-box. Hopefully it will change again with another Hallelujah email!

We took Hannah on our first zoo trip of the year Saturday. It started out with lunch at Daddy's favorite pizza place, Pizza King. You can take the boy out of Muncie, but you can't take the love for Pizza King out of the boy! Then, off to the zoo! Hannnah's been chattering away about going to the zoo all week when I tipped her off that we could go this weekend if it ever stopped raining and got sunny outside.

I have loved watching her peek outside and yell, "Mommy! I think it's getting sunny outside!" She loves the zoo so much and can just chatter on and on and on about all of the fun things to see and do at the zoo. Horsey rides, carousel, lions, goats, peacocks, fishies... she loves it all.

First stop was the horsey ride, of course.

I love this smile!

Of all the things to see and zoo at the zoo, her favorites are often the horses and the goats. There's plenty of rural people where we live that I'm sure would let Hannah pet their horse and for for free, but she loves this so why argue?

Getting that goat nice and clean.

If the electrical engineering thing doesn't pan out, goat farmer might.

Checking email one last time before bed at 2:17 AM looking for news of #2. Got nuttin'. Good night.


  1. Hannah is such a cutie! What a wonderful zoo. Love those pony rides and Lexie shares Hannah's love for the goats. That's her favorite part of the zoo.

  2. Happy 3 year referral anniversary- can't wait to hear referral #2 has arrived!

  3. I can't believe it has been that long either! Congrats on the big day!

  4. I can't wait to celebrate your referral of #2 from Nashville. Speaking in faith that it's Nashville, anyway! ;-) (read: soon!!!!!)

    Praying for your family, as you wait. May God use this as a sweet preparation time, and a cherished phase of "only Hannah" time. May the Healer of hearts, care for your next child as they (unknown to them) get ready for upheaval. It's going to be beautiful!


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