Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Redirect: Taiwanese sisters playdate

We had a grand time last Thursday, as always, at a playdate with Allie and Lora. I forgot my camera at home, but Lora took lots of photos. I love the ones of the girls riding around on a tricycle together as well as the hugs in front of the koi pond.

Lora politely left out that Hannah flipped a lot of sand into Allie's hair accidentally. Lora helped Allie shake out most of the sand in her hair, but Allie waited until Hannah and I were out of earshot to tell her mother that Hannah flipped sand in her and hair she needed a bath to wash it out. What a polite little miss!


  1. Giggling because you posted about the sand in the hair and Allie being polite! Trust me, it isn't always polite around here...

  2. She is soo cute! Kids are the best, aren't they!


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