Monday, December 13, 2010

Christmas humor

Kevin was suggesting another Christmas present for Hannah, and then claimed an injury.
Yes, he's like this all of the time. I live with this humor.


  1. Gotta love it don't ya!??? ???? ????
    YES Sarah, you do!

  2. That's my FAVORITE Christmas movie! And you need to tell your husband it was an ICICLE that hurt his eye. Believe the lie!

  3. That's just all part of his charm. :)

    And would this be the infamous "you'll shoot your eye out scene" by any chance?? LOL Well, that's better than the secret decoder ring, the "leg" lamp or the Santa scene complete with scary "HO HO.....HOOOOOOOOOOOOOO". I mean, right?? ;)


  4. Yep, this all sounds strangely familiar. I live with it too ; )

  5. i keep hearing that famous line, "you'll take your eye out!". great sense of humor :)

  6. My husband has the goofy humor too. You gotta love em. Victoria

  7. And aren't you glad you decided to marry him for it???

  8. It's Christmas and I just wanted to say "Thank You" and that..
    It's been a pleasure reading your blog this past year..

    Hope you and your family have a wonderful Holiday and..

    A Happy New Year!

    Shirley H. From Singapore =)


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