Saturday, December 4, 2010

holiday fun at Allie's house

Friday morning we traveled to Lora and Allie's house for a play date for the "Taiwanese sisters." Hannah was ready to play dress up, heading right for the toy box. Hannah pulled out an Ariel dress up gown, Allie pulled on a Cinderella gown, and the fun began! Hannah found Allie's Ariel umbrella and carried it around half the time we were there exclaiming, "It's raining!" with her little sweet voice. After dress up Lora gave the girls presents to open. They both opened matching aprons to get ready for some Christmas cookie decorating. Lora's one smart mama, thinking ahead to place a drop cloth under the toddler table. Hannah put as many sprinkles in her mouth as she did on her cookies, and what didn't stick to the cookies ended up all over the floor.

I left my camera at home (boo hoo!) and just have a few shots from my phone, but Lora has a few photos up on her blog, including the lovely shots of my daughter shoving sprinkles into her mouth. Heehee!

After lunch the girls settled down for a little bit, sweetly sitting together behind a chair, both playing with little computers. They were so quiet, you'd think they were up to something!

Thanks for the lovely time once again, Miss Lora!


  1. I love the way you both post .
    How precious that they have each other.

  2. How sweet! I love that these girls will grow to be lifelong friends! What a blessing you and Lora are giving those girls!


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