Sunday, November 28, 2010

first movie

We took Hannah to her first movie tonight. I'd been interested in seeing "Tangled" but wondered about how long Hannah could sit in a darkened movie theater. After calculating that she's the same age I was when I saw my first movie in a movie theater {The Muppet Movie (1979)} and watching several YouTube clips of "Tangled," I decided we should give it a try.

I'm so proud of my big girl! She sat between us, sharing popcorn and Sprite nicely. Hannah even held her Daddy's hand for part of the movie. She alternated between sitting down and sitting on her knees. She only shouted out once with a shout out to Mickey Mouse during the opening credits. When Daddy broke out the M&Ms, Hannah kept asking me, "Is it yellow? Is this an orange one?" while looking at her M&Ms in the dark. At home, she has to say the name of the color of the M&M before she gets one. Works wonders on learning color words! Telling me the color of the M&M is the equivalent of asking permission to eat it. It was so hard not to giggle while explaining to Hannah, "I can't see the color in the dark. It's okay. You can go ahead and eat it." During some dark scenes toward the end she needed to sit on my lap, and that was fine. Towards the end she stood on her seat, and that's okay since her head barely reaches the top of the tall movie theater seat.

When the movie was over we asked if she liked the movie. Hannah replied, "I come back. Come back and see a new movie," over and over again. She calls the movie "Princess with Long Hair" and notes that the "Horse likes eat apples." She didn't want to go to bed when we got home tonight. I told her that she needed to go to bed and be good so she could go back and see more movies later. She scampered up into bed pretty quickly after that!

It was really touching to me that Rapunzel was drawn homeward by sky lanterns. I loved the sky lantern scene at the end so much!!! Makes me want to be in Taiwan for the release of a whole bunch of sky lanterns so badly. I wonder if sky lanterns will gain popularity in the US because of this movie. Hmmmm....


  1. That's great that Hannah got to go to her 1st movie and sounds like it was a great experience. I hope that we can take Lexie to a movie in a few years. Right now, the longest she'll sit to watch something is about 10 minutes. Love how Hannah asked for the colors of the M&M's. Isn't it cute how kids get into a routine and no matter where they are, they will do what they were taught. My friend used M&M's to teach colors and potty training. M&Ms can work wonders!

  2. Oh, wow... how fun. I love your M&M idea. And I am amazed she sat through the whole thing. Did you see the 3D version? Did she keep the glasses on?

    We are debating whether or not to take the Tongginator. The last animated Disney movie she saw terrified her (The Princess and the Frog).

  3. I'm so proud of Miss Hannah Claire too! What a big girl... Can't wait to ask her all about it when we see you guys Friday morning.
    I've been feeling homesick for Taiwan too btw...

  4. awww how great she is a movie girl!!! I for one LOVE movies

  5. TM, We chose not to do 3D for a few reasons. I didn't know if the 3D glasses would fit her... and it would be no fun to be in a 3D movie and not have the glasses work. Also, I worried that 3D would freak her out, and didn't want to have to deal with that during our first movie watching experience. Wanted it to all be fun and not be scary in any way.

  6. Wow! Look at you Miss Thang all grown up and going to your first movie. With Jadyn's I ended up walking up and down the stairs for the whole two hours... my legs burned so badly that we didn't go back for 6 months! She just wanted to help mama try to beat genetic cellulite. You've made me so excited to see this movie now! How beautiful with the sky lanterns... Now I think I need some lanterns. Dude, I just realized I'm the give a pig a pancake. Anyways, I agree about 3D... I can't watch it, I have to cover one eye the whole time so I don't ralph.

  7. We went today!! Hayden did awesome, it was actually her second movie. Those dark parts at the end sort of got the best of her, but overall she LOVED it. Hayden has now started telling everyone that "everyone loved repunzels hair" and "her mama did not use nice words".

    As for me I loved it too!!! I loved the lantern scene too!!!!

  8. I loved that scene too, it was Kimi's first Movie too. All I could think about was Taiwan, let's go!!


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