Friday, December 3, 2010

thee years of visiting Santa

Hannah and Taiwanese Santa 2008
Christmas 2008 - Tainan, Taiwan

Christmas 2009 - Indiana, USA

Christmas 2010 - Indiana, USA

Photos say a lot, don't they? :)

We started talking about Santa and reading Christmas themed books this week. We'll break out the Little People nativity to play with this weekend as well. Santa sent Hannah a video message on the computer this week to remind her that she needs to keep working on her pleases and thank yous. She got really excited when Santa said her name and had photos of her in his book of good little girls and boys!

We made a trip to visit Santa tonight at the mall. Once again, Hannah was not going to sit on Santa's lap all by herself, but she agreed to sit on Daddy's lap while talking with Santa. She didn't seem scared of him, but she was much more interested wanting to ride the carousel down the hall than in taking to his bearded guy. I think she understands that Santa brings presents, but doesn't quite get the gist that it would be a good idea to tell Santa what she would like him to bring to her.


  1. I LOVE the taiwanese santa! How great is that?!?

    She is now, and always has been, such a gorgeous little girl! She looks so happy in your pic this year!

    Merry Christmas!

  2. Loved that Taiwanese Santa. What a treat to be in Taiwan for Christmas! Hannah has grown up a lot in the past 3 years and her smile was just beaming this year. I'm still trying to figure out how to get Santa to say Lexie's name. I think I may have to just leave it blank because he keeps saying a different name. Glad Hannah liked her Santa video!

  3. That smile on her face in the last shot is simply priceless.

  4. Merry Christmas! Great to see all three years' of Santa... esp the Taiwanese Santa-- how special is that!?

  5. So precious! Just wondering, did you take Hannah to see the Santa in Taiwan? Happy Holidays, Cathy

  6. Cathy, Santa came to see her before we were allowed to come get her. :) That Santa... he has his ways of finding each and every good little boy and girl.

  7. So adorable! Absolutely love these pictures. My husband and I are just starting our own international adoption...possibly from Taiwan, and your blog has been so fantastic to read!!

    Much love,
    Future Mama


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