Friday, November 26, 2010

gingerbread men

Hannah went to Nana and Papa's house today.
Nana decided to make some gingerbread men cookies with Hannah.
First they rolled out the dough.

Then they cut out the shapes.

They put them on a cookie sheet to decorate them with red hots and raisins.

Papa remarked that this "looks more like a mob hit than gingerbread men." When Nana and Hannah delivered some gingerbread cookies to me at work this afternoon, I had the same thoughts as Papa. I counted 26 red hots all over one of my gingerbread men.
He was one HOT gingerbread man!

Hannah enjoyed looking at her cookies and Nana and Papa's Christmas trees.

I hope to get our tree up next weekend.

Our family Thanksgiving is tomorrow. Looking forward to family time. :)


  1. Love those gingerbread men. The one with 26 red hots was funny, but so cute since it was made by Hannah. I'm attempting to make cookies with Lexie and she's younger than Hannah, so don't know how our cookies will turn out. Enjoy your family Thanksgiving!

  2. What a beautiful girl (no more baby or toddler there!) Any update on baby brother?? Will it be another 22 month wait?? (Was it 22 mos for Hannah?)

  3. Anon, Baby brother update is that there haven't been any little boys referred to the families in line ahead of us in the last few months, so we continue to wait. It's all good... we're in no rush. It will happen when it happens, and the little boy will be the one that's meant to become a part of our family.


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