Tuesday, September 28, 2010

"my little scholar"

"My little scholar" named half of her alphabet tonight for the price of one smartie per letter. She usually knows A, E, and Z as well. Dada and Hannah have been working with online flash cards at KidzPark.com. Kevin's so funny... he was working with Hannah on vegetable words a few days ago, and then all of a sudden switched to planets. Oh my. She's a trekkie in the making, I swear. First they watch the first season of the original series together, then she got her first science officer onesie, and now she's learning to ID planets.

Last but not least, we turned Hannah's crib into a toddler bed last night. It went really really well. She got out once after being in bed for 15 minutes because she needed "more bank-ets." One blanket is not enough, and three are needed for maximum comfort. After she was back in bed with three blankets, she slept all night in her big girl bed without any issues.


  1. Wow! Good job Hannah! Big Girl! I have a feeling she may be the only girl in Kindergarten who knows the names of all the planets. haha! Isn't that a scary feeling when you put them in a big girl bed? I'm glad to hear she did great!

  2. LOL Oh my gosh, that Star Trek onesie makes me giggle...... too stinkin' cute AND it can be saved for a certain baby brother down the road too!!! :)

  3. Wow! Congrats on the big girl bed! WONDERFUL :) Yall are doing an amazing job with miss Hannah Claire! and WOW on the abc's! I may have to invest in smarties :) lol Wish we lived closer, your princess could help teach my Noah :)

    Oh, and how neat you and Jeremiah share a bday :) I will try and remember that come March :)



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