Monday, September 27, 2010

who's growing up?

My baby girl is growing up. We'll be transitioning her into a toddler bed soon. This mama has a love for bedding, and is excited to move Hannah into toddler bedding. Target has a cute line called "Love and Nature." I'm having a little banner made by an Etsy seller with Hannah's name.

We had such a great time at the fair this week. Hannah rode a few kiddy rides and keeps talking about the strawberry ride, crazy bus, and the carousel. She's had so much stimulation this week that we have all sorts of things to talk about! We started reading the "Fancy Nancy" book this week, and she likes pointing out things that are FANCY. I couldn't help but giggle when I watched her bring the "Fancy Nancy" book over to her dada. She crawled into his lap and and said, "Let's read Nancy Nancy!"


  1. I love her bed and all :) so sweet :) the fair sounds fun :)

  2. Grinning ear to ear right now!
    Okay, I just gave a really good laugh n snort too! I told Allie that HC got a new Fancy Nancy book and she says okay, lets go see it right now!
    LOL :) Aaaawwww kiddo it is just too far away tonight...

    Love the Big Girl bed!!! I just realized that I haven't posted Allie's since we made it into a full size bed. Guess I better get on the ball as well.
    Hugs to you guys and I hope that bedtime goes smoothly........

  3. I'm with Joe and Jane - love that Target line. There's something about that owl that is just super adorable. Just like your big girl!!!

  4. We have that owl pillow, and banner from Etsy AND the owl decals from Target for the wall. So cute!


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