Thursday, September 30, 2010

one blessed family

My cousin snapped this of us when we were out for ice cream last month. Working on family photo pages today for adoption number TWO and feeling blessed and loved!


  1. awww :) I LOVE IT!!!! :) GREAT Picture :) WHERE do you shop Sarah?? I LOVE your clothes! Even your casual clothes are so pretty! your gotcha outfit for Hannah Claire was beautiful.

    any news on a referral or just still prep at this point? I am soo happy for yall on the journey to a blessing again :)

    God bless,

  2. Tami, for me... I shop mostly at the Avenue (must have coupons) and Old Navy online for khakis and jeans. A little Target for tshirts and Fashon Bug (must have coupons) as well. No referral news, but I'm not expecting any. We're not ready for one yet right now, and that's ok. We're so relaxed this time around... very different from last time, obviously.

  3. thanks Sarah on the shopping tips :) Praying for Gods perfect timing on number 2 when you are ready!! relaxed is good!!

  4. Love the family photo! It's rare to find all three of us in the same shot... is it the same for you?

  5. TM, We purposely asked my cousin to take photos of us together for our family photo pages that go with our dossier to Taiwan for adoption number two. We have few photos of us all together. SAD. Need to work on this.


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