Sunday, January 17, 2010


If you know the phone number in the title of this post, you know where I'm going. I hope most of you never need to call this number, but it's a good one to have memorized for when you need it.

Hannah took a turn for the worse yesterday with more coughing and has mucus like stuff coming out of the corners of her eyes. No wheezing, but we're still not back up to 100% around here. And when the girl doesn't feel well and her nose is stuffed up, she tends to gag and throw up sometimes during and after eating. No fun.

She was doing a little better this morning and we went out to take care of some birthday party shopping. (The party theme is ELMO, of course. She asks us to turn the TV to Sesame Street multiple times a day by pointing to the TV while using the word "Elmo." She doesn't always get her way, especially when she requests Elmo's appearance in the middle of a Colts game, Conan O'Brien, or any variety of Law and Order.) When we got home, I changed her into her jammies, sucked out her boogers, gave her some Tylenol as that makes her less achy and fussy, and hooked her up with some Elmo while relaxing in her easy chair before bed. Uh oh. Mama's gotta go potty, so I let her watch Sesame Street while I used the bathroom around the corner. When I finished and walked back into her room, I saw Kevin finishing up giving her some Tylenol. OH CRAP! WE DOUBLE DOSED THE BABY! I was pretty sure that everything would be okay, but went ahead and called Poison Control right away rather than research it myself. That's what they're there for, and I wouldn't be thinking too clearly while trying to figure out how bad of an ooops this was. I have the number to Poison Control memorized after listening to a very bad Poison Control radio jingle too many times. "1-800-222-1222. 1-800-222-1222. If you think it might be poison and you don't know what to do, call 1-800-222-1222." Anyway, a poison control nurse did the calculations with Hannah's weight and the dose she got, and she'll be fine. Just no more Tylenol for 12 more hours.

Yep, keepin' it real. We're both certainly not perfect. I would have just as easily have given her a second dose after Kevin gave a first dose. New rule: When both parents are home, this mama delightfully assumes all responsibility for the meds from now on.

I also learned tonight that Dada already had the phone numbers programmed into his cell phone for poison control, the city police, and the sheriff's office. Pretty good idea, isn't it? Go ahead, you can whip our your cell phones right now and program them with these numbers, too. Anyone else have good suggestions of other important numbers we might not think to program into our cell phones?


  1. bless your heart - i remember those days as a first time mommy :-)
    now (5 children later) poison control knows me by name, lol.
    one kid drank glass cleaner one time, one antibacterial hand soap (he vomited bubbles, just like in a cartoon), one ate bird berries, my daughter decided she was sick (at age 10) and opened the medicine cabinet (with a hidden key) and "medicated" herself, just to name a few, lol.
    i sometimes wonder if my children will survive their childhood and somehow make it into adulthood, lol.
    sending hugs, hope your little munchkin will feel better soon!

  2. Wow, that must have been a little scary. I'm glad everything is ok though. That's the way we do it here, only I give Andy the meds. I think it's the safest way. I will definitely get those numbers programmed into my cell! What a good idea!! I hope HC has a wonderful 2nd birthday!

  3. Glad she's ok! I love the idea of programming the numbers in the cell phone. I will do it today. Better safe than sorry.

  4. We have been so close to double dosing before too! We now always ask the other when we are both home before dispensing meds. It is a scary thought and I'm glad all is well! Everyone has been there before. I'm going to program in poisen control right now!!

    About Elmo bday party--we did that for Braylen's 2nd. We have an Elmo costume size 24 months, I think if you want to borrow. I also have the Elmo cake pan--let me know if you want them (not sure when her party is, but if before CNY party, I could always meet you in Huntington :))

  5. I've had to call poinson control before. For the exact same reason. It happens, especially when no one in the house is sleeping well.

  6. So glad she's fine. We have had to poison control several times. One child found a muscle relaxer I must have dropped when my back was out. Had to take him in to eat charcoal. Also had to call for Tylenol once. Luckily kids are pretty tough.

  7. Hey! I just did a post on my blog tonight about poison control as well! What timing! We can all learn from each other.

  8. Thanks for the reminder and the tip! Must memorize or progam the numbers asap! Glad Miss Hannah is just fine!


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