Wednesday, January 20, 2010

still sick?!?!

Miss Hannah has been feeling really crummy this week. Not eating. Irritable. Needs Tylenol all.of.the.time to act something like her normal self. Cough. Cough. Cough. Last night when I came home from work I felt crummy myself, took some Tylenol, and went to bed... making some phone calls and e-mails under the covers with my phone before falling asleep. Kevin says that she cried for an hour knowing that I was home but wasn't holding her. When the crying woke me up outside of our bedroom door, I took her to the couch and just let her lay on me for an hour while she sniffled. Yep, this has gone on too long. We're taking you to the doctor tomorrow.

Today we learned that Hannah shares a birthday with our pediatrician. Hannah was born on her 50th birthday. Pretty cool! The doctor listened to her chest for a long time while Hannah screamed bloody murder. Peeking in the ears wasn't much fun either. Diagnosis: one ear infection and possible pneumonia. We could do a chest x-ray, but the antibiotics given for the ear infection would treat the pneumonia anyway, so why spend several hundred dollars a chest x-ray to confirm a diagnosis? Most likely the broncholitis resolved a week and a half ago when she started feeling better, but later a bacterial infection started in the remaining mucus.

We picked up the antibiotics, stopped on our way home for some lunch for our french fry eater, and went home for a nap. Little stinker takes her Tylenol but spits back the good tasting antibiotic back at me. Stinker!


  1. Oh, I hope she feels better quickly. I'm finally off my antibiotics.

  2. Aw, those ear infections just stink (even without the other crud) -- sending huge good well wishes.


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