Sunday, January 17, 2010

words at age two

Dear Hannah,

You are turning two this week! To mark this milestone, this weekend we sat down with the help of Nana and Papa and made a list of words that you can say. Your First Steps Speech Therapist told us that a two year old should be able to say at least fifty words, and age two is when we should stop measuring skills at adjusted age. We are so excited that our list reached SIXTY-FOUR WORDS, and surely there are a few words that we are forgetting.

Your word list at age two: Mama, Dada, Nana, Papa, Ash, Santa (sounds like Tanta), Elmo (sometimes sounds like Momo), Pip (approximation for Uncle Pip's name), no, diaper, poopoo, peepee, bed, night night, sock, shoes, bird, moo, quack (sounds like cack), woof, dog, meow, baa, nay, horse, car, go, fast, baby, help, up, fries, apple, milk, juice (sounds like ooce), byebye, hot, open, please, cookie, cracker (sounds like cacker), bath (sounds like baff), wawa (approximation for water), pop, bubble, out, nose, eyes, head, teeth (sounds like teef), ears, noodle (sounds like doodle), chips, T (approximation for TV), beep beep, achoo, more, ice, bottle (sounds like bobble), see, balloon, uh-oh (which you can use appropriately, such as when you spill your milk), clock (sounds like cock), and hi.

We are so proud of you, big girl. We love you so much!
Mama and Dada

All week long I'll be adding in words that we've forgotten to put on our original list: coat, play, candy, and chocolate (sounds like chalk-it).
New tally = 68

New word on 1/20/10: down
New tally = 69


  1. Yay for H.C.!!! Its so exciting when they can express themselves so well....the new words will certainly keep spilling in each day!

    I just can't believe she's turning does that happen??

    Such a sweet, lovely & happy little miss!!

  2. Way to go Hannah! My girls both called Elmo MoMo too!! LOL!!


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