Saturday, October 17, 2009

living vicariously through Dada today

Today Hannah attended her first wedding with Dada and two grandmas in town from Florida. Kevin says that everyone commented how well behaved Hannah was. She loved looking at all of the people, picking up little silk leaves that the flower girls dropped down the isle, and dancing at the reception. Mama stayed home to work (grumble grumble), texting requests for more photos of her girl at the wedding, and sanitizing the workplace down as I know I'm encountering people with H1N1 spreading their sneezes and coughing here, there, and everywhere.

Before heading to the wedding, Kevin took Hannah to get her first dose of H1N1 vaccine this morning. They waited an hour and a half... mostly OUTSIDE in the cold before the line went into a building. Wow.

Kevin said that Hannah went on the defense as soon as he pulled down her pants for the shot. She saw the nurse coming at her with a syringe, knew exactly what was happening, and started trying to swat her away. There was some screaming and crying, but that all dried up just a few seconds after the poke.

Speaking of tears, my loving husband shed a few today, too. At the wedding he got weepy thinking about the father of the bride's feelings today. Just melts my heart! Night night. I'm going to go hug that man I love and go to bed.


  1. I'm so sorry you had to sanitize instead of dance with your baby girl. But, that man you love is one great daddy! Just reading about his tears melts my heart. Don't worry Kevin - Hannah will always be Dada's little girl!

  2. That is a really sweet post. Now, where are pictures of sweet baby girl to go along with it?
    LOL! It really is a sweet post, I'm just being bad!

  3. That H1N1 scares the crap out of me. I haven't decided whether to get the H1N1 vaccine for my girls. What made you decide? Interested in your thoughts...

  4. Holli, I e-mailed your privately with my response.

  5. Oh gosh, I so want to see those pics too!! But its so MUCH more important for you to give that hug and dance a few dances at home with your girl! I'm sure she stole the show at the wedding!!

    H1N1.....still waiting here for vaccinations; should be availible this week! Super scary stuff.....I'm cleaning and cleaning too!!

    :) Lisa

  6. I can't even imagine! Hopefully I'll be there to help hold him up =). Both of you. Bring on the photos!

  7. That is fantastic that your area has the H1N1 vaccine already! Too little too late for oldest has been suffering since last Wednesday! ~sigh~ We're hoping to have Annabella and Jack vaccinated before they get it though! Where do you live? We can't even get it here in Cincinnati yet!
    But anyway, beautiful post....your husband sounds like such a sweet Daddy. :-)


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