Monday, October 19, 2009

the tale of two costumes

Choosing a first Halloween costume for Hannah was really hard. I looked at well over a hundred photos online and racks of costumes in stores looking for the right one. Late one night, my dad and I even instant messaged eachother back and forth with costume suggestions. I liked flower pots, lobsters, mice, ducks, bumblebees, pirates, Elvis, lambs, and the list goes on and on. At the time of this debate, Hannah wasn't walking steadily... and we figured that she'd need to be carried. We decided that Hannah and Dada needed to be costumed as a pair. So... this is what we came up with!

my little yoda

I know, my little Yoda is a lot cuter than the real thing. This Jedi master really likes running around with her lightsaber. Looking forward to having both of my Jedis in costume together!

Nana wasn't at all excited about the thought of her cute little granddaughter costumed as a little ugly green creature. I decided that we needed keep Nana happy and find an alternate costume for trick or treating at Nana's house. And I LOVE costumes... so I didn't need any more encouragement to find Hannah an alternate that Nana would like.

my little love bug

I love this time of year. Love it.

happy fall


  1. I can't decide which look I like better on her. She's equally cute in both.

    William is also going to be rocking the green ears and Jedi master robe this Halloween.

  2. Oh my!! She'd be cute in any costume! I'm a fan of the adorable YODA!!! But who could resist the little love bug?!

  3. Your little Yoda is adorable, but YAY for the ladybug! I love ladybugs :-)

  4. Cutest Yoda ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Love them both! She is just too cute!!!
    I think I have to side with Nana and go with the ladybug costume though... 'Cause she is just the custest little bug!

  6. That Yoda is hilarious! LOVE it.

    We collect LOTS of costumes at our house for dress I say the more the merrier!

  7. OH, I hope you have PLENTY of events to work in both darling costumes!! Adorable hardly describes it!!

    The Yoda is special as she will wear it in theme with Dada...but OH MY, that ladybug...well, if she fluttered by me I would be beyond enchanted!!

    SO hard to choose.....loved seeing both!!
    :) Lisa
    P.S. Tyler and Lauren both ended up with two costumes also...Grandma strikes again! LOL

  8. I'm with Nana--LOVE the Ladybug!! Alea will be a lady bug too :)

  9. Oh MY Heavens To Betsy! Kole is going to just love this when he comes home from school. You know I'm all for that Jedi deal! SOOOOO adorable! You know she's cute in anything she wears. I'm a sucker for Star Wars. Ladybugs are just so cute on Monkeys! Oh I'm with you... love love LOVE this time of year. =0) Sara

  10. Two costumes? Crack me up.

    Love the yoda. It just suits her somehow. Plus, I can totally see Kevin as something Jedi-like.

  11. Oh my head- could she be any cuter? No! I love both costumes!

  12. Mary is going to be a ladybug too. Hannah looks adorable in both costumes. We showed Mary your blog this week and out of the blue she said "anna" which means Hannah!!!!

  13. oh my goodness! i'm so behind! i got sick and had to have surgery and i've so missed your blog! these are PRECIOUS. she makes a perfect yoda and a perfect ladybug, although i must say, my husband loves the little yoda! adorable little HC and beautiful shots as always! :)


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