Saturday, August 8, 2009

savoring the last drops of summer

staying cool in the pool
I know. Nearly went a week and no bloggy bloggy! I'm recovering from the brain overload that comes with a new job, and when I'm not working we're savoring the last drops of summer. Kevin and I spent the morning working on our neglected yard while Hannah played at Nana's with Legos. After nap time, we went outside to blow bubbles and got out the baby pool. Hannah was very excited to get into the pool and knew exactly what it was. She yelled at me while I was stripping off the diaper and taking off her socks and shoes to let me know that she wanted in that pool, and like now!

This photo below just cracks us up. Personality plus!

August - in the pool

We're having fun counting steps as Hannah takes off on two feet. "One, two, three, four, five, six, seven.... (falls down) YAY! Good job, Hannah! Let's go again!" The new record is eleven steps in the grass this afternoon while we were blowing bubbles in the back yard.

After Hannah was finished with the pool, she tried to get back in the house on her own through the dog door. Silly girl!

dog door entry attempt
We had our initial meeting with First Steps early intervention to fill out all of the paperwork, and we'll be scheduled with therapists to evaluate if she qualifies. We'll see.

Hannah's getting so much taller, and is growing out of clothes for the first time. I'm starting to remove items from her closet that she's too tall for. The 6-9 month jammies and everything 6 month (except shorts) no longer fit. I'm hanging up 12 month things for this winter. Daddy likes tights on his little girl, and we've discovered the Hanna Andersson loose tights and love them. He's also happy because she said babbled the word "blitz" while trying to climb into the refrigerator tonight. Daddy hopes Hannah will start watching the Colts on TV with him this fall.

爸爸節快樂! Happy Taiwanese Father's Day! Amanda and Lawrence shared that in Chinese, Daddy sounds like "BaBa." August 8th also sounds like "BaBa." Neat-o!


  1. Beautiful pictures of your princess Hannah! She looks like she is a LOT of fun :) Keep enjoying her :)


  2. SO Cute...THank goodness for cut and paste! LOL

  3. I didn't know there was a Taiwanese Father's Day, but this is soooo good to know because yesterday we got an email from Alea's birthmom saying Happy Father's Day--that is why!!!! Thanks for sharing that :)

  4. Cute pictures! Yep, she's a Go-Go baby now. Watch out...They get fast!

  5. Oh my gosh, I smiled so big through this whole post! Yep, I'm sooo behind on everyone's blogs....but had to get my HC fix! Adorable!! Keep enjoying those moments and hope the new job is transitioning well!!
    :) Lisa
    P.S. What a doll!!

  6. LOOK AT HER!!!!!!!
    I have been so busy I have had very little time to check the blogs..6 kids...go figure. lol!

    I enjoyed all of the pictures and updates so much . You guys look like you are just lovin' being parents. Totally in your element!
    OK KEVIN- TIme for that little boy!!!


  7. Cute pics! I am loving the strategically placed ladybug and daisy lol!


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