Sunday, August 2, 2009

snippits from this weekend

Friday we went to the zoo with Amy and the kiddos and then hung out at their place for a wonderful summertime dinner. Chicken on the grill, cucumber salad, cherries, corn, cookies, mmmmm. Hit the spot! We figured out that Hannah Claire will take several steps... if you dangle the right motivation in front of her face. Amy (aka "the babywhisperer") has it all figured out. Hannah loves remote controls for the TV, and we don't let her touch one at home. Hence, Hannah will take several steps to Amy in order to gain control over the remote. Duh... why didn't I think about that? Give her what we don't want her to have!

My favorite pics of Amy's kiddos are posted here on my photography blog.

We spent this weekend at my grandparents' lake home. We stopped at Target on the way for Hannah gear. We don't have a pack and play, and needed one for Hannah to sleep in. Co-sleeping is not an option with this kid who thinks being in bed with Mama and Dad is party time. While browsing the shelves looking for the latest Ni Hao, Kai-lan toys... look what I found on the bottom shelf? Isn't she cute?

cute toys on sale at Target

Hannah played hard with toys and walked a lot yesterday. The new record is a whopping NINE STEPS unassisted. She had lots of family to count her steps and cheer her on every time she decided to walk. "Clap clap clap! Go, Hannah Claire!"

When she wasn't walking, she was driving boats. Sometimes looking at video like this makes me catch my breath. She looks so little in that big captain's chair. She's growing out of 9 month onesies now. She's so long that it takes a little strain to snap them closed over her diaper. 6-12 month shoes still fit, but only when wearing thinner socks.

Hope you all had a great weekend as well!

I start training for the new job tomorrow. I'm excited... but had so much fun with friends and family these last three days... I wish my brief unemployment lasted a little longer.


  1. Oooh! I want a Hannah Claire Doll for Christmas! JK. I saw Ni Hao Kai Lan toys at our Target here in AZ. Trying to hold off for Christmas to buy it. Yes, get a pack n play. Money well spent. Watch out, HC will be running before you know it and you'll wish she would slow down. :) Glad you had a nice weekend and good luck with your new job. I'll be thinking of ya!

  2. This shelf picture is sooo cute... adorable...

    Just love it...

    Regards from Germany


  3. Sarah and Kevin,
    you both will soon wonder why you were in such a hurry to teach her to walk...Get your running shoes ready...
    following from Texas...

  4. LOVE the pic of Hannah on the shelf-what a cute little doll she is!!! :)

  5. So much fun!
    That pic of Hannah on the shelf is adorable!
    Wish I had known that you needed a pack and play... Just gave away the extra one!
    Good luck with training for your new job. You'll do great and I bet you will love the benefits! LOL
    Missed you guys while we were away.

  6. Look out Kai-lan! Hannah is super cute!
    The Bains

  7. hah, love that pic of her on the toy shelf - to cute!!!!!!

  8. I just LOVE this blog header! Like Tiff, you're so creative with the camera. You both capture way more than the image itself.

    The pic of Hannah on the store shelf is SO cute. And big congrats on the 7 month mark!


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