Wednesday, June 3, 2009

prayers for Hannah's "boyfriend"

Hannah's little "boyfriend" from her time in Taiwan is having some corrective surgery this morning after his doctors discovered last week what was causing his problems. We'd appreciate it if you could send up some prayer for the little guy. He's expected to spend the next week recovering in the hospital.

O God, the source of all health. Be near this family in times of weakness and pain. Please guide the surgeon to correct the problem to allow baby A to be able to eat and grow without pain and worry. Please bring comfort to baby A and his family as he recovers. Amen.

Updated 6/4/09 12:24am
A's surgery was successful today, but he has a lot of healing to do this week. His mama says keep praying!


  1. Thanks for the heads up. I didn't know that was happening. I will definetely have them in my thoughts and prayers. Poor little guy.

  2. Praying for A and his family and that God may guide the hands of the surgeon caring for him. May the procedure and the recovery be as comfortable as possible. In His name I pray.

  3. Prayers for a complete, full, and speedy recovery. Wait.... Hannah has ANOTHER boyfriend?

  4. yeah, back off Amy! Hannah is spoken for! Hehe! Thank you Sarah...can't wait for a new normal!


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