Wednesday, June 3, 2009

playing with Grammy, readoption complete, and I WON something!

2009-06-03_10-25-37_Canon EOS DIGITAL REBEL XSi

There's been lots of playing this week at our house. Hannah's been playing lots of "farm" and "airplane." A favorite activity is throwing all of the little people down the silo.

2009-06-03_10-27-58_Canon EOS DIGITAL REBEL XSi

Had to throw in a pic with Sedona in it. She's here too, always wanting to lick somebody, but she somehow doesn't get mentioned as much these days. She sits under the high chair when Hannah eats, and can't wait for Hannah to start fussing to let us know she's done. Sedona eats EVERYTHING that Hannah leaves on her high chair tray. Sedona's earning her keep, picking up dropped Cheerios and crackers. I can't imaging having a messy toddler and not having a dog to pick up the Cheerios!

For the relatives, here's a link with all of the photos of playing with Grammy.

I learned tonight that the judge signed our readoption paperwork yesterday. This just means that the state recognizes the foreign adoption. It allows us to get a state birth certificate for our daughter, and it's easier to use US documents to prove identity and document that she's our daughter rather than pulling out documents written in Chinese with attached English translations. This also legally changed our daughter's name to Hannah Claire Ching-Ling _______.

Next step is to change her name with our health insurance. This summer I'll need to get Hannah a social security number, but I think I'll rest a little bit before trekking up to the social security office. I've read too many horror stories of adoptive parents struggling with social security office workers that don't understand their own rules.

Hannah and Daddy are going to Indy the next two days to see Grammy and Grandpa off. I hear the hotel has a pool, and I'd imagine that Daddy has plans on going swimming with his baby girl. I get to stay home and work with the grouchy impatient public. Fun fun.

Oh yeah, almost forgot. I won something! I won a camera bag from a giveaway at I Faces. They picked my number (#407) from nearly 700 entries! I was going to buy a matching camera strap cover for my cool new camera bag, but the owner Tracy Joy is throwing it in for free. How cool is that! No more ugly camera bag for me!


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