Saturday, June 6, 2009

driving her Jeep

driving her jeep

The above photo makes me giggle and inspired a little digiscrapping.

{The photo was postprocessed in Lightroom with "Rebecca's Vintage Wash" by Rebecca Lilly. Everything is from Weeds and Wildflowers, except for the frame by Katie Pertiet at Designer Digitals.} I like how the dirt makes it look like the jeep is traveling and kicking it up behind the tires! You can view the jeep driving photograph in full screen size on my photography site.


I decided that the scrap page was nice, but it needed some journaling. That's better!

jeep with journaling

Oh, how I love this little girl.
I love how she shrieks with glee and then hugs me tight.
How she pats my face and says "ma ma ma ma ma."
How she shares her toys and her snacks.
And the sweet curves of the profile of her face.

standing on bench

After Hannah's nap, we went to the children's zoo for a few hours to see the new African exhibit. I love how she always gets so animated watching the spider monkeys! Any kind of bird is a favorite, and she shouts "burrr! burrr!" It's so sweet. Hannah watched a hyena sleep from only a foot away, separated by a few inches of glass, of course. She fed lettuce to a giraffe and his huge gray tongue touched her little hand.


  1. These two pictures are great. I love everything about them. She's such a beautiful little girl!


  2. I love the truck shot. The vintage treatement works really well with it. Of course, H.C. is the real star.

  3. Hi Sarah!

    You just recently visited my blog (via Kathy's) and read about our recent referral. I just wanted to say that I often stop by your blog to read about all of Hannah's activities and to see your awesom photo's and digiscraping!!! OH and btw, you also designed my blog, which I LOVE!!!! THANKS AGAIN!!

    P.S. Glad that my hubby's reaction to a little girl made you laugh!!! :-)


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