Monday, June 1, 2009

mauled by goats

We've been busy beavers the last view days enjoying a week with Kevin's mom and dad. We've been going to the park to play and go on walks, exploring the goodies for sale at a farm store (Karen, they found Lucky-dog his smoked pig ears, yum yum), and smacking our lips on the one... the only... PIZZA KING pizza.

Sunday we went to the pool with Hannah for the first time. Let's just say that it was not a wonderful experience filled with laughing babies and all sorts of fun. The water was frigid and there was a lot of crying going on. I think we'll have to stick with indoor pools until things really warm up outside for days and days on end.

While I went to work today, everyone else got to go to the zoo with Hannah so she could point out all of the brightly colored "brrr." Oh yes, that's bird in Hannah talk.

hannah, grandpa, tortoise
fun with Grandpa

scary cave
scary cave!

so big!  {as a gorilla?}
so big! {as a gorilla?}

hannah, kevin, dino
dino pose

kevin wants ribs for lunch
Kevin requests ribs for lunch

mauled by goats
mauled by goats #1

maulted by goats 2
mauled by goats #2

kiss with goats
kiss with goats

You pick the answer. Grandma has pink in her hair because...
A. She finished a round of chemo and some hair came back pink.
B. She's a wild child on vacation, living it up doing things she can't usually do at home like color her hair pink.
C. She's a beauty school drop out and didn't follow the boxed directions correctly.
D. None of the above and you submit the most creative correct answer.

Kevin took a photograph of a peacock that I had a lot of fun post-processing tonight. I entered one version of the photograph in this week's I ♥ Faces contest. Fun stuff!

I know a few of you have read Lucky Girl but haven't commented on the topics. And... I'm lovin' the stuff we have goin' on here, guys. Even if you haven't read it yet... I'm sure that some of you will have some insightful thoughts. Join in!


  1. Too funny! I hit the zoo on Friday with the kids and they wouldn't get anywhere near those goats!

    I think Grandma is a punk rocker by night and a Grandma by day.

  2. The only explanation I can offer is that I somehow wound up with the photo file. I must have botched it in my attempts to figure out Photoshop. Still can't figure this thang out.

    I've always been amazed at how much H.C. looks like Kevin in particular. I know there's no biological link, but in some of those shots, it's creepy...


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