Sunday, June 21, 2009

Hannah's First Father's Day

We celebrated Father's Day last year while waiting for orphanage approval to adopt Hannah. It was a really emotional time. We were worried about what we were going to do if we couldn't get approval to be the parents of this little girl that we'd wished and waited for.

I wanted to do something special for Kevin for Father's Day, and had it in my head to do something with her handprints in plaster of paris mounted on a photo frame. I mixed up the plaster of paris at my mom's house... but had all kinds of problems getting the right consistency. It was too soft... then too hard... then too soft again. Then when I thought I had the consistency right, we smooshed in Hannah's little hand and she grabbed a handful of the plaster of paris. Ooops. Kinda hard to make a handprint when the printee is grabbing it. I was so aggravated, and decided this SO WASN'T WORTH MY FRUSTRATION. We'll try something like this again soon for Daddy. Nana's idea of using tempra paint and paper might be a much better option.

No handmade gifts for Daddy for Father's Day, but Hannah did make him breakfast in bed. Yes! She made him breakfast! Thank goodness Mama married Daddy, as he has great kitchen skills.

making Daddy his Father's Day breakfast
Hannah helped open the pop tart out of the wrapper.

after sampling the corner of a pop tart, Hannah helped me put them in the toaster
After sampling the corner off a pop tart, Hannah helped me put them into the toaster.

Daddy reading his Father's Day card
We poured Daddy a glass of milk, and woke him up to present him
Father's Day cards and the fine breakfast that we slaved over in the kitchen.

Happy Father's Day to the man that can make my little girl squeal and laugh, who gives and gets great big hugs, and knows how to love so well. xoxo, Sarah

Added 10:22pm
Lisa, Thank you so much for letting me know about the handprint keepsake kits. I ordered one that uses clay. I think we'll try this out when Hannah is sound asleep one night so she won't grab at the clay.


  1. Awwwwwwwww. . .how sweet. Good for you for letting the plaster project go - way too much frustration. A+ for the thought. Love the breakfast you made for Daddy, Hannah! You're my kinda girl! And your Mommy and I have the right idea - marry a cook! :)

    Happy, happy Father's Day Kevin! Enjoy your very first with Hannah home to celebrate with you.

  2. Happy Father's Day Kevin!
    Love the expression on Hannah's face while making her Daddy the pop tarts! TOO cute...
    Sorry your project didn't work out. Maybe finger paints will work better at this age.
    I can totally relate to your frustration though, I'll share a funny with you later.

  3. If she sleeps well, I suggest doing handprints when she is sleeping. I have helped several friends do this before. I think handprints are one of the most wonderful gifts...footprints too. I hope the parents of the children I teach like them too:-)

  4. Well, gosh, what a huge difference a year can make!! Its really a celebration for you ALL and all the love that you share!

    And I think H.C. knew it too...I see a happy happy baby girl who is thriving...who is cherished and so loved!!

    Go poptarts!! I'm all about the toaster and easy at-home failed the handprint too years ago!! Our solution was to buy one of those keepsake kits and "wala", perfect impression!! I'm not afraid to shop!! lol
    P.S. We are hoping to take in the Chicago festival too; will drop you an email if it looks like a go!! Would LOVE to meet ya all!!

  5. Aw, how sweet! Happy father's day to such a great dad! As for the handprints- I agree it's a pain. I got one of those kits with the stuff pre-mixed and even that was hard. I finally settled with a footprint.

  6. Happy first Father's Day! What a difference a year can make.

  7. Hilarious. You and Martha Stuart. Or is it Stewart. Anyway.


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