Saturday, June 20, 2009

pop tart smiles

Hannah hasn't been interested in dolls until we encouraged her to play with them this week. We're been repeating the word "baby" over and over. I've been rocking her dolls, hugging her dolls, and having the dolls kiss Hannah on the cheek in hopes that she gets the idea. She's catching on and shows interest in holding them, touching their mouth, and touching their eyes. Today she played with a baby doll while I changed her diaper before a nap. After I said the word baby several times, she started babbling and mimicking my sounds. "Ba ba. Bay ba. Bay bay." After lots of claping and praise, she's repeating back "bay bay" and grinning at us.

Here's a few sticky sweet pop tart smiles from this week. :)

pop tarts smile 1

pop tarts smile 2

pop tarts smile 3

pop tarts smile 4

1 comment:

  1. The top picture is just my favorite. Thats the one to submit to Gap kids pronto. Hehe! So much personality :)


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