Thursday, June 25, 2009

spoon it on in

Daddy and Hannah visited me at work today to present me with
an envelope of photos he had just printed. Here's a few of my favorites.


We bought Hannah some new training spoons this week,
as we feel ready to start working on self-feeding with a spoon.


Daddy has a lot more patience for messes than Mama does.


Mama would want to be cleaning her up while she was still eating.


Daddy's style makes for much better photography, I thinks.


  1. ODG! Those are the best!
    I'm with you Sarah, I'd be trying to clean her up along the way...So happy that Daddy has more patience and just let her be, so we can all enjoy these adorable pictures!
    Look how thrilled she is with herself, I love that little grin!

  2. Yeah, I'm with you. I'd be wiping and cringing the whole time. But then again, look at how much fun she's having!

  3. Ha!!! Those pictures are classic, just classic.

  4. Too cute! Aiden and Hannah Claire have the potential to make a HUGE mess together. We have the same bib and bowl set.

  5. Totally agree with you!! Daddy's style rocks!

  6. Self-feeding sure makes her happy! Love that last pic!

  7. OMG jus sticky-ness everywhere! The photos are fantastic but my OCD just wants to bring a hose in to your kitchen. Hehe!


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