Wednesday, May 21, 2008

loss of Cinderella

Steven Curtis Chapman's 5-year-old daughter Maria was struck and killed in a car accident in the driveway of their home today. The vehicle in the accident was driven by a teenage son. My heart goes out to the family tonight, especially for a hurting big brother that must feel pain that's more than I can imagine. This contemporary Christian music artist and his voice for international adoption has been inspirational to me during our adoption journey.


  1. This is SO sad. My prayers go out to them.

  2. I've been crying over this all morning. They kind of are like family to me. God used the Chapman family to turn our hearts toward adoption 4 years ago. If it weren't for their family, we might not have ours. I know God will find a way to use this for His glory. I just wish this wonderful family didn't have to endure this suffering.

  3. This is such a tradegy. I've been absolutely heartbroken all morning and I can only imagine the pain and suffering the family will endure now and in the future. They are now, and will be in my prayers.

  4. Such a terrrible tragedy...

  5. Hey Sarah,
    Thank you so much for posting these on your blog. I just can't believe it when things like this happen to such loving and good people...Thoughts are so with this family as well as everyone who is mournign the loss of this precious child.


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