Wednesday, May 21, 2008

15 months

Yeah yeah yeah, all I have are babydog photos to put in my posts. She's pretty cute though!


  1. Dandelions!! My faves. :) Beautiful page. Not liking the #15 up there so well, but I love your attitude. Hang in there girl.


  2. BABY DOG ROCKS! So much so that my daughter has her beautiful mug on HER blog,too.

    15 months! I have a feeling that we are going to have to plan a "Bloggy Baby Shower" very soon!
    Sending Hugs , Kisses, and some really Groovy Vibes your way!

    Hey! You and Kevin should have a portrait done so that Hannah Claire can see how cute and happenin' ya'll were before you became parents and pulled all your hair out from stress. :)


  3. Every time you go a couple of days without blogging, I wonder to myself: "Did she receive the call and is just reviewing the info. and waiting to announce the great news?" We are on pins and needles right along with you. Your patience and positive attitude are so admirable.

  4. No patience left here Judy....Good grief, we want a referral!!!!! Love ya Sarah~ Cute baby dog though! Gracie was looking at the screen and she said "puppy, mama"


  5. 15 months done and gone and they can't take it back. 15 months closer to your baby girl. 15 months of love poured into her little heart. Congratulations!!!

  6. Babydog is very cute! My babydog is going to be in town with me this weekend. We're sorry you are going to be at the lake, but it will give you a nice little getaway. :-)


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