Thursday, April 3, 2008

Preview: Ni Hao, Chinatown!

We've been talking about getting out of town for a couple of weeks. It's no fun just sitting at home boo hooing just waiting for something to happen. Kevin took the initiative today and made us reservations at a four star hotel in Chicago, and we're going to Chinatown, baby! There's no dim sum and Chinese bakeries to be found around here in the corn and soybeans of rural Indiana, so we'll head to Chicago for some action on Friday night. If any midwesterners have been to Chicago's Chinatown and have some suggestions, leave us a comment before mid-day Friday and we'll try to check them out.


  1. You know what they say about referrals and going out of town..... ;-)

  2. YEEAAAHHH! There you go ,Kevin! That's what I'm talking about!
    Ya'll are going to have so much fun! Go to the Field Museum while you are there. It's kickin'.
    Coffee shop is on the first floor!
    Great brownies! Tell the cabby to take you to the "shopping district" downtown. Did not get to go to Chinatown while we were there. Take lots of pictures. I am jealous!
    Bring my something back!:)


  3. Oh what fun!! I second the Field Museum! Doug and I got married a little north of Chicago, so we went there a lot. We didn't go to Chinatown. I love Chicago!!

    Have fun and take lots of pics to share!

  4. Oh, you could also go to the American Girl store, maybe pick Hannah up a doll!

  5. YAY! YAY! YAY!

    YAY for Sarah & Kevin! I'm so glad you're going to Chinatown! You guys will have SO much fun!!!!!

    I'm so excited that it's like I'm going myself. :) Just goes to show how much I really love ya. :)

    HAVE FUN!!!

  6. LOL! I just noticed the X-box controller in Kevin's hand. F-U-N-N-Y!
    Got a few of those here!


  7. Hope you and Kevin are having a super super time in Chinatown - cannot wait to hear all about it and what fun stuff you got for Hannah Claire. Go Kevin - can you chat with Chris?? (my hubby) hahah :)



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