Monday, April 7, 2008

Chicago Part 6: The Phoenix

Okay, this is the last in the series in posts about our trip. Last but not least... it's about more Chinese food! On Saturday night we selected The Phoenix. They have a snazzy website if you want to check it out. Kevin loves to compare and contrast hot and sour soup between restaurants. The Phoenix's version was extra hot and not too sour. He thinks that the hot and sour soup at our hometown's Chinese restaurant is the best there is. Kevin also ordered beef with X.O. sauce because we both had no idea what in the world X.O. sauce is. Whatever it is... it's great! After returning home we learned that X.O. sauce is a spicy seafood sauce developed in the 80s in Hong Kong for Cantonese cuisine. I had a seafood soup that had bits of shrimp and other seafood in an egg drop soup base, as well as crispy orange chicken. Mmmmmm. Kevin once again was determined to only use chop sticks, while I'm quite content to use a fork. I've already planned on bringing wrapped Wendy's forks, spoons, and knives with me in my purse to Taiwan! Kevin can drop all of the food off his chopsticks and right on to his shirt that he wants to.

Did you see that fortune from Kevin's fortune cookie? It says, "You will soon be receiving some good written news." Soon? How soon? Tonight? This week? This month? I'm still here, hitting the send/receive button, praying for some of that good news to come our way.


  1. I'm hoping for you too!!! I love that last photo of you with that caption!! You are so creative!!!

  2. Oh Sarah, loved all your posts about your trip! Love the fortune too! It's your turn girl!....and mine too for that matter =) I am still waiting for a relevant fortune cookie though....

    Talk to you soon! I am going through Sarah withdrawel!

  3. You guys have been having wonderful adventures! I see XO in England, maybe because the Brits ruled Hong Kong for a long time? Don't know. It's also in our British section here at our local grocery store.

    I think we're ALL holding our breath that your fortune means THIS WEEK! Come on referral! Come ON Hannah Claire!

    With all the waiting, and non-stop thinking/hoping/dreaming about your daughter, I do hope that you both were able to enjoy your time as a couple and relish this pre-baby period of your lives. Like a second honeymoon, huh?

  4. That last picture of you is great!

    You have very beautiful eyes!!

  5. We lit a candle for you when we visited the shrine for Saint Theodore Guerin at St. Mary of the Woods in Terre Haute this weekend. We also wrote your names on the intention for the sisters to pray for your referral. My mom lives in Terre Haute and it is always peaceful to visit the college. I am so happy that you had a great weekend! Priceline rocks! We love the Shedd aquarium! Vonne Barnett

  6. Come on, good news!

    Great last shot of you, btw.

    - Judy K.

  7. I'm so glad you guys had a chance to get away for the weekend. Honestly... how did you do so much in 2 days??!! How did you EAT so much in 2 days!! I totally want one of those breakfast biscuits. YUM city. Do you think we could find a recipe to make them???

    Oh, and I got chills when I saw Kevin's fortune. Ooooooooh. It's a sign!!

  8. Ooh, perfect fortune! Your trips sounds like it was super fun...good for you for getting out and doing something fun and interesting during your wait (which can't be much longer now!).

  9. Looks like a great time! Although I'm hungry after reading and seeing pics of all that great food. :)

    Sounds like the perfect trip to prepare you for great news!


  10. I love that last picture of you - your eyes are gorgeous!


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