Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Blogovers with Love - now with a team of four!

I'm very pleased that Blogovers with Love has grown! We've added a third, and now a fourth blog designer. Blogovers with Love creates blog designs for Blogger blogs in exchange for your donation benefiting orphaned children in Taiwan and China. With a crew of four, we're really looking for some more blogs to bling. Blogovers completed in April and May 2008 will benefit Half the Sky, an organization that enriches the lives of thousands of China's orphaned children. Feel free to use the above graphic that I've created as an ad on your blog to spread the word. Thanks!


  1. I wanted to say Hey! I still read every post but I sub with bloglines now and , ummm, always forget to go to the actual sites and leave comments :)
    I posted the graphic on my sites and I sure hope that it will continue to help those sweet little kiddies.

    Have fun in Chicago!

  2. Hey Sarah, I want to have my blog redone, I need something fresh, light and springy! I know springy probably isn't a word, but you know what I mean. Have a great weekend and we can talk next week!

  3. YAY Blogovers With Love!!!

    Just finished up one today. :) Will be posting it later.

    Owen's Mommy


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