Monday, April 21, 2008

14 months

I made this with my favorite digital scrapbooking kit. It's new from Weeds and Wildflowers and is called "Grandma's Pressed Flowers." This page was a labor of love and took well over an hour to carefully place over 80 little pressed flower bits just where I wanted them to fall. I made it this way so we could use it to announce the referral and use it as the cover of her baby book. Unfortunately, it's turned into a 14 months waiting page.

I found a poem this week that is a great description of what waiting on edge to be matched with a child feels like.

Daydreaming by Tom Fisher

I stepped into her room today
Knowing she’s not there
This waiting for referral
Is more than one can bear

But taking in the moment
I sit down on the floor
And dream of her here with me
When waiting is no more.

A little giggle fills the air
As I rub her feet
I place my hand upon her heart
To feel its every beat.

A song is sung so very soft
Her eyes begin to close
She’s meeting me in dream land
A place where love still grows.

My vision now is very blurred
The tears stream down my cheeks
I’ve dreamed of her quite often
Throughout these past few weeks.

Suddenly a sound is heard
The phone rings in the hall
Waking up I quickly pray
Please let it be “The Call”.


  1. Wonderful poem and BEAUTIFUL layout. I wish it could have been used for its intended purpose- referral announcement etc. Now, Sarah, you'll have to step it up even one more notch for that referral pic! But, with your talent, I'm CERTAIN you'll be able to top it! Miss Hannah Claire deserves only the best!

  2. Oh I was SO not wanting to see this post. Those pressed flowers need to surround a Hannah Claire face... not a #14. Sniff sniff. That poem made me a big puddly crying mess. Praying that The Call comes quickly. One of these days that phone will ring and it WILL BE!


  3. What a great poem. Hugs to you on the lllloooonnnnngggg wait. I know you've heard it countless times, but it's true...when you see Hannah's face, all the frustration and pain from the wait will fade away. We waited 17 long months for Sara's referral, but it was so worth it in the end. You're so close...14 months closer than you were at the beginning!

  4. Love the wreath. And the poem brought tears to my eyes. I haven't been waiting nearly as long as you, but I know it's hard. I never imagined how hard! Hope the call comes soon for you!

  5. Sarah, I'm totally teary over this poem as it captures the feeling of waiting to see your little hannah claire's face. The pressed flowers are gorgeous and should definitely still be used for her baby book, it's beautiful.
    Sending you tons of love and *hugs*
    I think Hannah Claire needs something new to add to that killer closet! :)
    Love ya

  6. Sarah,
    It's Sarah k. lol. I am just stopping by to say "REFERRAL COME ALREADY!!!!!!" I am hoping and praying it comes by Mothers day. That would be too too sweet. The end of the month is coming, which with it comes referrals also, they usually start showing up end of the month and beginning of the next month, so here is to HOPING IT IS THIS ROUND!!!!!!!

  7. Hi Sarah,

    Because I have also been a waiting Mom x 2, I wanted to tell you that while this seems so hard...the second you hold Hannah Claire you will forget about these painful moments of waiting and your life will complete itself instantly!

    Hang in there, love the page and God bless you!

    Kim P.

  8. (((((HUGS!)))))
    Hang in there, your 14 months closer. I know that is not much help with the horrible pain of the wait, but it's something.

    I personally think you need to bring out those voodoo dolls we were talking about! A few pokes here and there could help!

    Praying for some news soon,

  9. Such a sweet and sad poem. Hang in there soon she will be here and you won't have much time to blog!

  10. Hi Sarah,
    I love your poem! How beautiful...
    Just wanted you to know that I love visiting your blog. I can't wait to log on one day soon to see that you have recieved your referral! Hang in there. You are getting close, I can feel it...

  11. ANother month done and gone!! Cheers!!


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