Sunday, April 20, 2008

Therefore, I design blogs.

Things are rockin' at Blogovers with Love. We now have FIVE, yes five volunteer blog designers, that are ready to bling your blog in exchange for your donation to benefit orphans in Taiwan and China. Donations in April and May 2008 will be forwarded to Half the Sky. Half the sky has a number of programs that benefit children in orphanages in China, including training for nannies to prevent institutionalization disorders, preschool programs, and individualized programs for older children. We have several blog designs in the works right now, and there's room for lots more. I'm so excited that a little seed of an idea that I had, and that Rebecca helped me water and grow... has gotten so big!

I don't sew. I can't paint or draw. You wouldn't enjoy hearing me sing. I fall asleep when I read, and I certainly don't cook if it requires much more work than pressing buttons on a microwave. (That's why I married a man that was an Army cook.) Therefore, I design blogs.

P.S. Lisa, I've answered your question in the comments section. Thanks. :)


  1. And how good you are at it, too!! :) I think you've definitely found your calling. I'm so excited about the 5 of us collaborating on this. What a fantastic thing.


  2. P.S. That is... your calling AFTER being Hannah Claire's mama. :) That's the best calling of all.

  3. And you are FAB-U-LOUS at it for sure, I heart my blog designed by you!!!
    So, Don't know if this is a sign or not and I really hope this does not creep you out-but I had a dream about you last night! In that dream Mr James T called me to tell me that you got your referral! Why it was James and not Laura I am not sure and why he called me I have no idea, but I did break into the happy dance for you and then I called everyone I knew to spread the word. So, I am not quite sure what that means, but I am taking it as good things are to come your way soon!
    Again, so sorry if I creeped you out!!!
    Hugs to you and I love Hannah's closet BTW.

  4. Have you gotten any news from the "trip abroad"? If not you should get on the horn and find out what the deal is! You should have SOME kind of update coming your way!

    Tell the "waiting family person"
    to have them call you, if you have to.

    Is she home yet?
    Wasn't it gonna be like 5 days?


  5. ...and you're MOST talented at it too! :)


  6. I just wanted to say I love reading your blog and have followed your journey for some time. We are in the process of researching countries and agencies. I have my fingers crossed you get THE CALL before Mother's Day.

    I am a scrapbooker/cardmaker and you are so talented. Have you ever thought about opening your own store or giving classes?


  7. Lisa, I've taught two people how to use fotofusion digital scrapbooking software over the phone, and I've had a high school classmate over to my house to show her how it works. I thought about teaching a class, but I'd really only be comfortable showing someone how to use fotofusion. I stil find photoshop to be intimidating and don't use it much. The folded photos of my babydog are my new photoshop trick that I'm so proud of! Anyway, it would be kinda hard... because I'd want to be in a room with multiple computers, and they'd all have to have fotofusion installed on them and have licenses... da ta da. Oh well. I think I could teach a room full of people how to blog on blogger. But I don't know if anyone would even be interested in that. Opening a store??? Haha. Yeah, right. I don't share my profession on my blog, but my job and digital scrapbooking are very different...and I really enjoy this as a creative outlet. I wouldn't enjoy it so much if I did it for a job.

  8. Janalee, you don't creep me out at all with your dream. I think it's kinda funny. And James can call me ANYTIME, even at 3am... if he wanted to introduce me to my child.

  9. Girl,
    Just keep blogging your idea of blogovers was genius! My family can watch Kimi grow up even when they are across the country! So Thanks!


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