Thursday, April 24, 2008

baby bears, big south facing windows, and nap time

Kevin is big into light control. He's always made sure that we had "blackout" blinds for our bedroom so we can turn the room into a dark cave for sleeping bears any time of day. We're big fans of Bali midnight blinds after installing them in our last two homes. This time we chose the cordless option to prevent problems with kids vs. cords. Our nursery is a south facing room. Of course Papa Bear's next task for the nursery was to cover up this huge window up with blackout blinds. I hear that more sleep for Baby Bear equals more sleep for Papa Bear and Mama Bear. Mr. Sunshine will not be permitted to be the cause of keeping Baby Bear from any nap time.


  1. Good thinking....especially with this controversial Indiana Daylight Saving Time! ;-) You will be thanking Papa Bear for summers to come. (We had to take similar measures in our son's room the first summer of DST here!)

  2. In my old apartment, I could turn my living room into a bear cave in the middle of the afternoon. It was great for napping.

    But I had bamboo roman shades . .. so it was kinda all or nothing. This sounds like it might be a little better.

    And . . . .I tagged you too. :)

  3. Hopefully this will alleviate some of the major problems we experienced with jet lag. Laney could not get off a Taiwan schedule. You will be one step ahead of Miss Hannah!!!

  4. Kevin is a genius (I like saying that). We draped some fabric over are semi-translucent Bali (or something like that) blinds in the room Megan is in. It's starting to get light super early and stay light till late here and Meg is sooo sensitive to light. She sleeps much better in the dark. Thank Kevin now for adding an hour to each night's sleep.


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