Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Lyrics Contest Winners

Thank you, ladies and gent... er... more ladies... for your entries into the lyrics contest. If you want to review all the entries you can read them here. And now for the winners...

Second runner up goes to Rebecca with her humorous use of the word ferret. First runner up goes to Tish with the most useful lyrics used to soothe a fussy baby at 3am. For their participation, the first and second runners up have won custom digital cartoons of themselves by Lauren Grier available at Sweet Shoppe Designs. Oooooh. Ahhhhh.

And now... the grand prize winner is.... Kristy and her private lyrics submission! Woo hoo! She wins a scrapbook page or Blogger blog design made my me to her liking.

Thanks for playing everyone, and have a good night!


  1. YAY for Kristy!! So excited, I've never won anything before!! Sorry we can't publish it, hehe! Sarah is trying to talk me into a blog of my own, I think this is why she picked me as the winner!
    Feel better soon Sarah!!

  2. No no no! Kristy won with her lyrics! She does have some pretty cute kiddos that she could blog about though. Her husband's not bad lookin' either! What? Oh... yeah... Kevin, I'll be there in a second... what am I writing about now? Uh... just writing about tampons. That's it. Tampons.


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