Sunday, March 2, 2008

Lyrics Contest

We went out to dinner Saturday night at the local Chinese buffet, and I tested out my "Two Tigers" song out on the very friendly restaurant owner. She was thrilled that I was trying so hard to learn the song, but I realized that I'm pronouncing half the words incorrectly. I think I would need a private Mandarin tutor to get the hang of this. Languages are not my forte. I had some of my worst grades when I took three years German in high school. The only thing I'm worse at than German is Physics. (Funny story: Before I traveled to Germany when I was 16, my dad quizzed me before I left... asking if I knew how to say, "Buy me a beer, big boy." Apparently I learned enough of the essentials and I could spat back the very useful phrase, "Kauf mir ein Bier, groß Junge!") At least I can greet our friend at the restaurant with "ni hao, ping yu" meaning "hello, friend."

After hearing us sing the "Liang zhi lao hu" song together one of the other employees at the restaurant remarked that he thought this was a French tune. Of course, it is set to the same tune as Frère Jacques. There are many many many lyrics to this song in multiple languages.
This gives me an idea. Let's have some fun. How about a little contest? I'll give you all 10 days to come up with your own words to the Frère Jacques song on any subject of your liking. Post your lyrics in the comments section of this post. Best lyrics (judged by me) win a digital scrapbook page or a blogger blog designed by me in any dimensions you want. I'll have the winner e-mail me your photos, and what dimensions you want. If you choose a digital scrapbook page I'll have it printed at Shutterfly for you and sent to your house. Sound good? Here's my song's lyrics below. Of course, my lyrics are adoption wait themed... because honestly there's not much else I'm thinking about these days.

Our adoption, our adoption.

Long long wait, long long wait.

Pour a glass of wine, I think I'll have another.

Send/receive, Send/receive.

Added 3:30pm 3/2/08:

I've been asked a couple of questions on the contest. Yes, you can give away the blog design or digital scrapbook page as a gift to someone else. Yes, you can have more than one entry. How about making it a family affair? Ask each of the kids to write lyrics to this tune. Extra cuteness points go out for submission by kiddos. It's not that hard. I whipped up my little diddy in about a minute.


  1. Dear Hannah Claire, Dear Hannah Claire
    Your Mommy Rocks, She Really Rocks
    She loves you very much(and),
    You're gonna make a perfect
    family, family

  2. Where the ferret, is our Sarah?
    No new posts, since last night!
    We really start to freak out
    When she doesn't blog much
    We want news! We want it SOON!!


  3. I've had a private submission for the contest. It's terribly funny, but the author isn't able to post it publically on the subject of the lyrics. Sorry guys, I'm just going to have to sit at home laughing all by myself with this one!!!

  4. fussy baby, fussy baby
    why no sleep?, why no sleep?
    it's 3 in the morning,
    you're driving mama crazy,
    now close your eyes,
    close your eyes

  5. You were chosen, You were chosen
    Just for us! Just for us!
    How are we so priviliged
    To get you as our daughter?
    Praise the Lord
    Praise the Lord

    Okay, so I feel pretty embarrassed to post song lyrics because I am the least musically inclined person on the planet. But what can I say, I am a sucker for a competition and I LOVE your blogs!

  6. "Hello Hannah, Hello Hannah"
    Grandchild mine, Grandchild mine
    I've been waiting for you, I've been waiting for you
    Welcome Home, Welecome Home!

  7. Ni Hao Hannah, Ni Hao Hannah!
    Cousin mine, cousin mine
    We will laugh and play, we will run all day!
    And sing this song, And sing this song

    --Isobella said you have to clap hands together when you sing! School is giving her new ideas, I loved her Idea. I hope you do to.Love Grandma. (Mom)

  8. I just had to enter again!

    One year and two weeks... don't forget the four days...
    waiting here, waiting here.

    This is crazy torture... and that's just the blog readers.

    Let's hear some cheers...
    from over there.


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