Thursday, February 21, 2008

12 months = 1 year

I'm blessed with wonderful bloggy friends. If I don't post for a couple of days I start getting e-mails asking if I'm okay... and did we get a referral and we're just not sharing with the world yet. :) I'm still here.

Today marks one year that we've been on our agency's waiting list to adopt an infant from Taiwan and become parents of a little girl we'll name Hannah Claire... but who's counting, right? (Oh... Uhhh, I am.) To celebrate we're going out to Ziffel's for ribs with another couple what we met during our adoption journey. Mmmm.

Today also is the Lantern Festival (15th day of the Chinese New Year) where children go out at night carrying bright lanterns. In ancient times this day was also kind of Chinese Valentine's Day where unmarried young people can go out chaperoned into the streets with hope that matchmakers would make them a match (cue music from "Fiddler on the Roof") but that doesn't happen in these modern times. People will also gather together to launch sky lanterns like I've blogged about previously. You write wishes on the lanterns and release them into the sky. It's a lot like a balloon launch. This newsarticle details how environmentalists in Taiwan have concerns over sky lantern launches. Uh... balloon launches aren't exactly environmentally friendly, either. The lanterns that I puchased say that they are biodegradable, but I'm sure that it takes a little while for the frame retardant paper lanterns to break down... kinda like the special little brown biodegradable frozen packages that Sedona has left in our backyard this winter.

Sorry. Visions of Sedona's special frozen packages are not the way I want to leave you with this post. Let's talk about something happy. How about some retail therapy? Yay, right? That's much better, isn't it? This little happy hearts dress is on the way to my house in celebration of one year waiting. Could any little dress say LOVE any more than this one? No, this is it. Once again, the people at Gymboree know my mind and make such beautiful little things that tug at my heart.

Dear Hannah Claire,
Your daddy and I love you so much, little one. We can't wait so see your picture, bring you home, read books (Grandma's got a little library started for you), go to the zoo and feed the goats (Daddy likes the goats at the zoo too!), make glorified messes in the high chair trying out new foods, and chase Sedona the babydog in circles around the living room until we're all dizzy.


  1. Sniff, sniff.... WAAAAAAAAH!!!! OK you have really done it now. First I'm laughing over those pictures of you guys in the glasses... then I am boo-hooing all over my laptop. I cannot WAIT to see Hannah Claire in that little dress and mommy & daddy smooching on her!! That day cannot come soon enough. Have fun eating those ribs and DO drink an extra glass of wine. After 12 months waiting you deserve it honey.


  2. I am sorry this wait has taken so much longer than you thought and hoped. There is little comfort in the words of 'it will happen' but it does and it will. And I will be tuning in to see it.

    Big hugs and enjoy your night,

  3. Just wanted to add that this little one is going to be the best dressed kid on the planet! lol

  4. Is it bad that we check the Hannah Claire blog several times a day, because we just KNOW that the referral is coming soon!

  5. Sarah, Gym, Gymboree, Gym gymboree, your baby will be as lucky as lucky can be! If there is a photo contest for Gymboree Hannah will be the winner with bells on!
    I love your new friend Ta! He looks so serious! We have sponsored a little girl from India and the experience is quite rewarding. The yearly photo updates and report cards let you feel very connected to them. It is true that patience is a virtue but to heck with being virtuous! Bring on that cutie Hannah Claire! Vonne Barnett

  6. Love that dress! I almost bought it for Alea last week!!!! I bought Braylen several things online (great sales for older kiddos going on :)) That dress is great!!!

  7. We were in China during the Lantern Fest. in 'O6. It is a sight to behold! You will be celebrating the Lantern Fest. with your daughter in '09! How much fun will that be?! Better start buying them- now! You throw BIG parties!

  8. We are so honored to celebrate this day with you - can't wait. Have ribs will celebrate!

  9. I'm at the point where I hold my breath before clicking on your blog in my Bloglines. Miss Hannah might just still be "baking", to use the "bun in the oven" analogy. I can safely say, that waiting a whole year has made you some of the best prepared first-time parents imaginable! And, it has also probably brought your clothing budget to it's highest amount EVER! Yikes. Gorgeous dress!


  10. We're cheering for you guys. Something good has got to be around the corner soon. Keep hanging on!

    - Judy K.

  11. Every time I see Gymboree I think of you now. You've made it a year - it won't be long now!

  12. It is SO your turn! You've got to be getting that call soon!

  13. Thinking of you guys. It has to happen SOON!

  14. We truly hope you hear something very soon. You do know the baby sale is going on at Gymboree right now? I can't tell you how many people have mentioned this sale to me! It must be a good one. I'm over to the website to check it out.

  15. Miss Sarah -
    We are feeling torn over here in PA...Sophia literally started laughing when she saw the picture come up and then I all I could do is tear up - which in turn started her crying? Then she saw the dress and all is good - LOL. We love ya and are so anxious for this day to come so we can spoil miss hannah claire!! the Gymboree sale is a great one!


  16. Congrats on still being sane at one year. You've done it with grace and humor which is totally what's needed. It won't be long now.

    p.s. Now that I can shop, I'm gonna need some advice on what and where!!


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