Sunday, February 17, 2008

Meet my new little friend Ta

Meet my new little friend Ta. He lives with his mother and farmer who are farmers in Thailand. He likes playing with cars, telling stories, and going on walks. Ta turns five years old in April. I'm his new sponsor through Compassion International.

When I tell people that I'm adopting from Taiwan, I find that many confuse Thailand with Taiwan. I figured it was a good idea to know little people from both places. :)


  1. Did you just adopt him? I went to a concert this weekend and they presented about Compassion International and many "adopted" little ones!

    While we were waiting and preparing to go to Taiwan, many also confused it with Thailand!!

  2. I just signed up to sponsor him tonight. I've been thinking about sponsoring a little boy for awhile... and Ta pulled at my heartstrings. :)

  3. I love Compassion, Int'l. and what to they do. Bravo to you for being a little boy's hero!

    - Judy K.

  4. That is awesome. We also really like Compassion Int'l, and began sponsering a young boy, Bijoy, from Bangladesh last year.

  5. He is SOOOO cute!!!

    What a great thing you all are doing, Sarah. :) At some point I'll post about our little guy that we are sponsoring too! He and Ta are about the same age. :)



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