Friday, December 14, 2007

I make nice people cry.

This week someone hesitatingly asked me how our adoption was going. She was worried about asking because I hadn't said anything about it to her in a long while. I explained that there's been month after month of all boys this year, and our timeline went much slower than expected. I was so excited on Mother's Day 2007 to hear that it would only be 60-90 more days until referral... and I've just kept hanging on thinking... any day now, any day now... for so long that it almost doesn't seem real anymore. Well, I must sound pretty depressing, because I made this sweet soul start crying! It really surprised me when her tears started rolling in. I tried to reassure her, but didn't know quite what to say. "Don't cry for me. I've cried enough for both of us." I'm threw with crying. Now we just wait.

If we ever adopt again, we're not requesting a gender. Every child is a gift from God. And no, we have no plans to do this again any time soon. One babygirl and one babydog sound like plenty for now.


  1. You're making ME cry just talking about it. Sniff sniff... it's just wrong, you having to wait this long. Adopting takes you on such an emotional roller coaster, it's definitely not for the faint of heart!


  2. Sarah - we are ALL holding our breath to meet hannah claire. We will all be throwing a virtual blogger party for you when this super day comes. I pray for you everynight and just know that it is just around the corner - 2008 cannot come soon enough! I know it stinks my heart breaks for you. But I have faith that this is going to happen soon girlfriend, you're running out of closet room!!! :)

    sending tons of hugs -

  3. Hang in there Sarah, I know it is tough. You are in our prayers.
    I hope you have a wonderful Christmas.

  4. I hope you receive a referral soon! Adoption is so hard and there is nothing you can do but wait. Hang in there and have a great Christmas.

  5. I think I'm waiting more anxiously for your Hannah then our own, because I know you're going to know about her first. I feel like we can't receive our referral until you know about Hannah!! So come on already!! :0)

    I've gotten the same thing from others. They ask me how come we're not angry. I tell them we just can't live our life being angry about infertility or how long this adoption is taking. It is what it is. They then tell me that they're angry for us. I tell them not to be angry. It's okay. We're okay!!

  6. Heehee, Ann. "I'm okay, you're okay!!!"

  7. Oh Sarah now I know you purposely wanted to make that woman cry! LOL! What do you say when someone starts crying for you? I guess the only logical response would be to tell this woman that you simple are doing fine with all your retail therapy and what not until your phone rings. Hehehe! Like I'm sure I said before... take Kobi anytime!

  8. Sarah,
    Little Hannah is waiting for you in Taiwan, so let's hurry up with that referral already!!! I can't wait for you to get the precious news. I've gotten good at consoling others about our waits..


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