Thursday, December 20, 2007

Cabbage Patch Christmas

A photo of me 25 years ago in December 1982.

Either in 1982 or 1983... I can't remember which year... all I wanted for Christmas was a Cabbage Patch Kid Doll. I really really really really wanted one. That was the first Christmas that these dolls were all of the rage, and parents would stake out stores and fight to get one. On Christmas morning I was so excited. I knew that Santa had to bring me this doll, as I'd been a good girl and Santa knew that's what I really wanted. Christmas morning while opening my presents and checking out what Santa brought, there was no Cabbage Patch Kid babydoll. (Santa Claus was not able to obtain the said doll locally.) I opened up a Cabbage Patch Kid toy suitcase and expected to find a doll inside, but instead I found a letter from Santa. I started reading the letter where Santa explained that he did not bring me my doll... and was so upset that I couldn't finish and started to cry. My parents coaxed me to finish reading the letter with tears flooding my eyes. Santa did not bring me a Cabbage Patch Kid doll because there would be one waiting for me when we arrived at Grandma's house later that day! I'm sure that the two hour car ride to Grandma's house felt like such a "long adoption journey" to my doll which I named Lisa Lynn. She had dark brown hair, blue eyes, pigtails, and I loved her very much and took her everywhere with me. The end. Now class, I'll let you draw your own parallels between "Cabbage Patch Christmas" and "Journey to Taiwan for Hannah Claire."

Updated 12/22/07:
I found a couple of cute old photos to go along with this post.

Obviously the first pic is of my Lisa Lynn, and then here's all of the neighborhood mommies with their babies. The little stylin' momma in the purple track pants reads this blog, and I'm sure that she'll get a kick outta this picture!


  1. Well that's easy! Gosh, Sarah, why didn't you think of driving to Grandma's house for Hannah Claire?! Duh! :-)

  2. That picture of you is so cute. :) Your story brought back memories for me as well - I always wanted a Cabbage Patch doll and finally got one - from my grandma!! Hooray for grandmas to always come through. :)

    Here's a parallel: God has a "letter" for you about this gift of Miss Hannah Claire - it's the story He wrote before you or she even existed, about the way He would bring you together to become a family. You just haven't gotten to the end of the letter yet. :)


  3. Sarah,

    We want you to get Hannah Claire for Christmas too! I hope you're high-tailing it to grandma's house!

  4. sweet! I love Rebecca's comment - that is so true. We hope you have a merry Christmas and that news of your little Hannah Claire will be here soon!


  5. Did your grandma have to fight and claw her way to get the Cabbage Patch Doll? If so, you go, Granny!

  6. Oh my gosh. I'm *so* laughing out loud at Tisra's comment. Hannah Claire is at Grandma's house?!?!?

    The story goes that Grandma didn't have to fight and claw to get the dolls. She was just at the right place (K-Mart I think) at the right time (just as they were getting ready to put them on the shelf.)

  7. So, is the parallel that you've actually gotten a "letter" (read referral) and that you'll soon be on your way to "Grandma's house" (read Taiwan) to pick-up "Lisa Lynn" (read Hannah Claire)??

    I got to your blog from Amy's (Waiting for Lauren Ling) and I've been waiting here patiently in Oregon for news of your referral. You've been quiet for a week now- and I'm hoping for *the best* news, I guess I'm an eternal optimist.

    And if I'm wrong (or if I'm right), I'm sending lots of holiday warmth your way... I know how hard the waiting can be.


  8. Sweet, Jessica... Haha. No referral here. I'm just not up to blogging much because I just don't have anything to talk about right now. I'm being good and holding back from Gymboree, so there's no little bitty cute clothes to be happy about either. I've passed up all of their $15 Jingle Deals this year and each time I resist the Gymboree deal it's about as painful as a good eyebrow waxing!

    We are going over river and through the woods to Grandma's house tomorrow to be with family. :)

  9. You must be younger than me - I am not of the Cabbage Patch Doll generation! I guess God was teaching you early how to wait for your baby. Because you clearly know how to wait!!

  10. I love it!! The ironic thing about this picture is my Cabbage Patch doll's name was.... Hannah!!! She was my very first Cabbage Patch and I still have her... somewhere. :-) Maybe I can find her and she can sit in for your little Hannah until she finds her way home.

  11. The piture with the "Groucho" glasses is the best! Made me smile!


  12. This is the cutest post that I have ever seen. I love these old pictures and your perspective is so awesome.

  13. You're still making nice people cry. The story made me cry and Rebecca's comment made me cry harder. Then today, I tried to relay this story to my husband on the way to church and that made me cry, too.

    I'm so thankful for the beautiful child I hold this Christmas, but my heart still aches for the child we await. Here's to an awesome 2008 for all of us. Bring on the referrals!!! (and a trip to Grandma's house can't hurt either!)

    Waiting with FFC for a boy
    (on the list June 07)


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