Friday, December 14, 2007

Scrapbooking Pages from Family Christmas 2007

Here's tonight's project... I digiscrapped some photos from my family's Christmas party last weekend. Whew! The very last smaller photo is our Christmas photo for this year that I printed out at Shutterfly and stuffed them in Christmas cards.


  1. Some thoughts to cheer you:

    1) that black shirt is to die for; you look like a million bucks in it. Seriously. One million.

    2) you are still the best digi-scrapper I've ever seen. (now blogovers? Well, you and R have to share honors on that one, of course!)

    3) Babydog is absolutely the cutest little baby (well, besides my own babydogs) in the world.

    Okay, one more comment, and this one about making people cry (later post): all of us prospective mommies are crying with you honey, and for each other. Instead of feeling bad for "making" somone cry, just think what a sweet, tender friend you must have to cry with you, too. You are blessed, even if it doesn't feel like it sometimes.

  2. Nice work! Another infant sign language product I would highly recommend would be the "Signing Time" videos. You can find these on Of all the products we bought, these videos worked wonders for us. They took Andrew's signing to an amazing level within one week.

    Still holding out hope that good news is coming any day now for you guys...

  3. Girlfriend, you rock. The scrapping is awesome... you're my hero. Looks like fun times at the Christmas party!! You have the cutest family. Seriously.


  4. Love the pictures Sarah you guys looks FABULOUS! The scrapbooking is awesome and I am so jealous of your abilities :)

    Your family looks like a blast!love

  5. those pages are beautiful. You're so talented.


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