Monday, May 27, 2013

may in photos

Untitled Preschool visited a dairy farm. Untitled Hannah is into stacking cups. Untitled We're working on addition and subtraction. Hannah thinks this is a game, and it is such fun! Untitled We visited the Butler bulldog. Untitled 
 Hannah is better at opening crab legs than I am. She's not a cheap date! Untitled 
Daddy bought Hudson a big wheel. Untitled The kids were very excited and helped put the big wheel together. Untitled Untitled 
We book the kids to their first baseball game. Untitled 
Kevin bought Hudson a box of Cracker Jack. I asked Hudson if he'd share with me. He shouted, "No! Mine!" About ten seconds later he decided to share, and put a piece of Cracker Jack into my mouth that was all wet. Thanks, kid.


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