Monday, May 27, 2013

language explosion

sunny day at the park in May

We've been enjoying Hudson's language explosion over the month of May.  It thrills me that he's able to express himself.  We get little surprises every day with new things he has to say, and sometimes quite loudly.

May 7th:  My favorite Hudson-ism to date: He brings us a diaper grinning and exclaims, "I'm a stinky boy!"

May 10th and 13th:  His phrases keep getting longer and longer! "Mommy, can I have cookies?" and "Mommy, can I please choo choo train?" Long phrases get you what you want, big boy!  Please and thank you are very important words, and he's learning that he's more likely to get what he wants when he remembers to use them.

May 14th  We enjoyed a great steak that Kevin grilled for dinner on the back porch. Hudson commented, "I like steak!"

May 27th:  Hudson cries from his room. "Good morning, Hudson!" I pick him up. He stops crying. "Would you like some breakfast?" "CEREAL. MAMA, CEREAL." I get him a plate of corn flakes and blueberry yogurt. "MAMA TV WATCH. TV WATCH, PLEASE." Hahaha! "Well, what do you want to watch, Hudson?" No response. "Bob the Builder? No response. "Thomas?" He nods happily and does the happy Hudson eyebrow dance. I turn on Netflix and find my boy some Thomas the Train. "TANK YOU!"


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