Tuesday, June 26, 2012

girl time


two scoops of cuteness


It's hard being a new big sister. It's especially hard when the new baby brother is 18 months old. The big sister has to share kid items like a kid's table, kid's plates, and play kitchen that were once her own. Little brother plays with everything and pushes every button he can get his hands own. He breaks the house rules because he doesn't know the rules, and that drives big sister batty.

We had some girl time together shopping, out for dinner, and met up with girlfriends for a movie, ice cream, and a play date. Good times!  I'm still giggling about Gabriella's mommy texting me before our meet up.  Her four year old going on fourteen wanted to know what Hannah was wearing!


  1. So happy to you this special outing to reconnect and share giggles & ice cream with friends! Those moments become even more important during transition times!

    The photos are the girls together are beautiful...absolutely timeless!

    I peeked back and know you have had your hands full!( but in the very best of ways!) I think coming home with a bouncing baby boy that already IS truly bouncing and running and exploring it all....well, that takes a special stamina! I smile to myself now everytime Tyler requets a Max and Ruby book! :)

    In other words, sounds like exhausting but joyful days of finding the new normal!! I'm pretty Hannah will have him all figured out and following those rules in no time!!

    Hugs and can't wait to meet him and see you all next month!!

    Lisa ( Mama to Lauren & Tyler) in pesky Anon. for some reason! :)

  2. We had an AWESOME girls night and are already looking forward to anther one! Yes, we have our hands full with our little fourteen, I mean four year old!!!

  3. I love the two girls by the fountain! Happy that you and Hannah had a little girl time together and you both probably needed a little break from that little guy's energy!


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