Thursday, June 21, 2012

day three at home - library time

Daddy has been up since 3:30am with Hudson and 4:30am with Hannah.  When I woke up at 9:30am I could hear them all happily playing in the living room.  That is, until I came in.  Hudson whine cries if I'm not holding him, but he plays happily if I'm not around.  Sigh.

I was going to take both kids out by myself for the first time to the library for story hour for Hannah, a trip to work so everyone could meet Hudson, and then out to lunch with Papa.  Kevin decided that he wanted to go, too.  At the library I tried to read some baby books to Hudson while he tried to run away from me, wanted to screech and be chased.  He doesn't want to get away from me... he just wants me to play and chase after him.  When we did get away he'd run down isles of children's books.  A couple of times he crabbed books off the shelves, threw them, and then kept on running.  I was relieved to leave the library.  He thought he was having a great time.

We said hi to my peeps at work and the kids each got TWO suckers and were overjoyed.  We had a great lunch with Papa sharing grilled cheese, green beans, salad crackers, ice out of my ice water.  Home for a bottle and NAPS for everybody!


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