Thursday, March 29, 2012

birthday present for me - a Hudson update!

On my birthday eve we received an email with SEVEN photos of Hudson.  He is a big boy!  At fifteen months he is 81cm and 13kg.  After reading the email on my phone at work, I'm doing the math and realizing that he's two pounds heavier than Hannah!  Tonight I broke out the CDC growth chart and realized that's over the 90th percentile for weight at 75th for height.  Going to have to take back the 18th month things that I just bought at Old Navy for him!  Hudson was described as being very social and not afraid of strangers.  He loves to play ball and is extremely happy when someone plays ball with him.  Such a contrast to our little shy flower that only talks to people that she knows very well.


  1. How exciting! And difficult, I am sure to only hear of him growing and not having him by your side.

  2. Happy Birthday Sarah!!!! A great birthday present is right. Cannot wait until you can share pictures of the Hudson Man (which also means he ready to come home right?) Have a Happy Happy Day!

  3. Can't wait for pictures!! Happy Birthday Sarah.

  4. What a wonderful gift!!!! :) Is TODAY (march 29th) your birthday?? That is Jeremiah's Birthday too! :) I can't wait till he is spending your special days with you! :) Sounds like he is a healthy boy :)



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