Monday, January 2, 2012

visa politics

This past week I learned that Taiwan born Americans must state their birthplace as "Taiwan, China" when applying for a visa to enter The People's Republic of China. If you don't, your visa will be denied.

Visa questions:
1) Chinese name _______
2) Current Nationality: United States of America
3) Former Nationality: Chinese
4) Place of Birth: Taiwan, China
5) Have you ever visited China Before: Yes

I've had some great discussions with a few Taiwanese Americans this week about how they feel about this. One opinion: "
I think if you insist on claiming being a Taiwanese, then they won't grant you. My mom was told several years ago that on her passport, her birth place has to say China and not Taiwan or they won't grant her visa to China. It's unfortunate and that is why I refuse to go there!"


  1. son, who was adopted from Taiwan, is not even Chinese - he's actually half Aborigine (sp? sorry) and half Taiwanesee - would he still have to declare "Chinese"? And every single Olympics since 1997 we have always felt bad when "Chinese Taipei" came walking in - we wish they could just be Taiwan!

  2. Healy Family, We're talking nationality here, not ethnicity. Yes, indigenous Taiwanese would have to state that their former nationality is Chinese and place of birth is "Taiwan, China" to show them that you agree with PRC that Taiwan belongs to the PRC. I've talked to a few Taiwanese Americans this week that state that they will never visit mainland China because they refuse to state on a visa application that Taiwan is a part of China. I get it, and don't blame them.

  3. There's a great discussion about this right now on the Taiwan R.O.C.ks facebook group and in the travel section of China Adopt Talk.

  4. Thank you Sarah! I value your information. I will take a look at the Taiwan ROCks group - is it a public group?

    I don't really have any interest in visiting China - however my son is taking Chinese this year in highschool and I "feel" a trip to China coming sometime in the next couple of years. I don't think my son has an opinion at this point on the whole political issue (I do however...)

    Thanks again! Sally Healy

  5. Sally, Taiwan R.O.C.ks is a closed group with 241 members right now. A FB friend can add you to the group.

  6. Wow, I didn't know that. That would mean that my husband and I would never visit/vacation in China... which is not a big loss to us. China is such a bully in so many ways when it comes to Taiwan affairs (currently the presidential election).

  7. Mama Shoe, I know of a Taiwan born American that just got her visa to go to China. This person was approved for a visa with a US passport that states birthplace as "Taiwan," but on the visa questions this person had to enter birthplace as "Taiwan, China." Previous visa applications with birthplace listed as "Taiwan" were denied. At least this person didn't have to get a whole other US passport correcting it from "Taiwan" to "Taiwan, China."


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