Sunday, December 25, 2011

Little Mama

Hannah pretty much never wants to go to bed, and always pouts, "But I'm not sleepy!"
When she said this Christmas night, I reminded her
that it doesn't matter if she's sleepy or not. It is bed time,
so she can lay in bed not sleeping, or fall asleep. Her choice.

But tonight after my usual speech while brushing Hannah's teeth... I had an idea!
"Hannah, now that you have a baby to take care of,
you need to dress your baby in her jammies,
give her a bottle, and and tuck her in bed."
Hannah's eyes lit up and she scampered off to her bedroom.

little mama 2

I offered her baby doll Hello Kitty jammies so she'd match Hannah.
Together we dressed the baby doll, Hannah found the bottle,
and laid baby down in bed with her.
"Look, Hannah. The good bottle made your baby sleepy. She's closed her eyes."

little mama 1

Hannah loved watching her baby's eyes open and shut!

little mama 3

We tucked baby doll lovingly in bed next to Hannah's bed.
I told Hannah that the first night that she was with us in Taiwan,
she didn't sleep very well. I described how I would pat
baby Hannah's back when she cried, tell her softly that I loved her
and that she was okay, and baby Hannah would go back to sleep.

little mama 3

I watched Hannah patted her baby doll lovingly.
I got teary-eyed as I turned off the lights and said,
"Night night. I love you. Wo ai ni."

In other news... Hannah's not wearing pull-ups at bedtime anymore!
She's been consistently dry every morning
as long as we make her go peepee right before bedtime.


  1. I loved this post and the pictures! Soo sweet! :) And YAY for dry at night! I fear we will never get to dry day or night with Noah. 4 and half and he is soaked through the sheets EVERY MORNING sigh.

  2. Hannah is such a good mama. She's going to be wonderful big sister! That is so cute that baby's crib is right next to Hannah's bed. That might be a good way to keep Lexie in her room in the mornings!!

    Way to go Hannah!! We're still working on staying dry through the night.

    Looks like everyone had a wonderful Christmas!

  3. Sarah, I love your pictures. Hannah is adorable!


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