Friday, December 16, 2011

little sweeties making Christmas cookies


Hannah and I spent the day yesterday with Allie and Hannah.
The little girls made Christmas ornaments, decorated Christmas cards
with foam stickers, and someone cut their hair or a doll's hair.
I thought it was a doll's black hair, but after closely examining Hannah's head tonight,
I have a feeling that Hannah may have given herself another trim while at Allie's house.


Of course, they were most excited about decorating Christmas cookies.


I think Miss Lora really gets a kick out of...


watching my daughter shove sprinkles into her mouth.
I'm surprised that Lora hasn't offered her a shovel yet.
If Hannah asked for a sprinkle shovel, I'm sure Lora would find one for her.


That's okay. Allie had a little trouble getting the frosting to come out fast enough.


This photo made my day!

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  1. I love seeing these two cutie pies together! Don't worry Lexie is the same way. I think she eats more sprinkles and candy than what she actually decorates with. I love Allie's determination! She's going to do anything to get that frosting out!


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