Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Hudson's first birthday

Tonight we celebrated

a little guy in Taiwan.

We know our photos and developmental milestone info about you is so out of date now.
You may have taken your first steps. We wish we knew your fist words.
Favorite foods. What toys make you laugh out loud.

We can't be with you today, but we celebrated with
homemade cupcakes baked made my Grandma and Hannah,
decorated with entirely too many sprinkles by Hannah... of course.

I hope you had a tummy Taiwanese bakery cake topped with beautiful fresh fruits.
I hope your foster family sang to you and made this a special day for you.
I hope you feel loved, because you are.

We have a name for you. Hudson Ray {Chinese Name} {our family name}.


  1. Happy birthday to Hudson! What an awesome name. :D And beautiful photos of Hannah. :)

  2. Happy Birthday little guy! I love the name you've chosen! Could Miss Hannah BE any cuter??

  3. Happy Birthday Hudson! Wishing you home as quick as can be.

  4. What an amazing and difficult event! When we were in the process of adopting our twin daughters from China they turned one. My husband and I had a quiet dinner at home, ate cake and opened gifts for them. The evening was filled with joy, excitement and sadness. This past October they turned two and boy did we celebrate!! It was wonderful to be able to spend the day with them and celebrate in many different ways.

    Praying that your adoption journey will end soon and you will be a family of four under one roof!!

    Barbara, mother of twins from Jiangxi, China

  5. Best wishes to Hudson on his birthday!! Great name. Our Willa has many names too (Willa Joan Hsin Yen).


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