Wednesday, October 19, 2011


While watching me eat a Subway sandwich, Hannah remarked, "You have to eat your sandwich all gone and then you can have a cookie." Then she handed me a play food cookie! Waaahahahaha! I think she's heard that phrase a few times before!

Friday will mark seven weeks waiting for approval by our placing agency to our match with lil' dude. It took a day shy of seven weeks for approval for Hannah. We're missing out on so much. He could be taking his first steps soon.

Kevin has relocated his computer desk, computer, and our server out of the third bedroom and into the living room. We found him a mission style desk at Target that matches pretty well with our mission style furniture. We have keep working on paring down the office before we can paint and install new flooring in lil' dude's room.

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  1. Hope you hear something soon! I'm right there with you on the waiting-- we're 50 days into our wait for LOA for our little girl in China. And my husband just relocated his computer, desk and our server from his office/her bedroom to our living room. Only his desk doesn't match at all. ;^)


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