Friday, October 21, 2011

questions from the preschool teachers

Kevin told me that Hannah's preschool teachers wanted to talk to him after class today and had some questions for him. Oh boy! They said that occasionally they didn't understand what Hannah was saying. First they asked what our dog's name was. Uh... it's Sedona... or sometimes we call her Dona. Hannah was telling them her name was "Dona" and they couldn't figure out if she was saying donut or if she as just making something up about having a dog. Then the teachers said that Hannah said some other things that they didn't understand... but they don't remember what she said. Kevin asked if it could be Chinese, because Hannah's going to Chinese school and we use Chinese language educational DVDs and games at home. Then Hannah remarked "yi, er, san!" (one, two, three!) to show her teachers that she can count in Chinese. Kevin laughed, and then said a few Chinese words suggesting things that Hannah might have said. Kevin suggested píng guǒ and they said that sounded close... and then he said hóng píng guǒ... and then said that's it! Kevin asked if they were eating a snack of apples when Hannah said these words, and the teacher asked, "How'd you know?" Kevin said, "That's because she said red apple!" I think this is so funny... I just keep giggling thinking about Hannah trying out her handful of Chinese words about counting, colors, and fruits in preschool and her teachers aren't quite sure how to respond to that.


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